PHP members detailed their hardships in KPOP Party KUMU Live + 4th Impact surprises the host

September 12, a KPOP Party celebration was hosted by Vincent Igno, one of the prominent names in the Philippines’ KPOP Community as a host, event organizer and choreographer, to celebrate his bronze badge.

In his live KUMU event which started at 8pm, he had guests who are well-known people in the Kpop Community of the Philippines. Being a group with members who started as Kpop cover artists, PHP members were included in the line up.

Photo from Vincent Igno’s Facebook Account

PHP Charles and JP were together and gave a performance of a BIGBANG’s “If You” and their rendition of Sam Concepcion’s “Mahal na Mahal.” While PHP Yuuki performed a medley of KPOP songs which he used to dance along with his previous cover groups together wiith the host. Turned out PHP Yuuki and the host, Vincent Igno, are long-time friends and share a lot of memories dancing together. PHP Rhadz sang two songs including Treasure’s “Boy” and 2ne1’s “Come Back Home.”

The boys were also dared by the host to do a contest doing the #itreallyhurtschallenge which was popularized by famous vlogger Mimiyuuuh. Their fans, PEARLS, were asked to choose the worst performance but they chose fairly and so no one did the dare. Instead, the host asked hotseat questions to the boys leading member JP to detail his hardship as a longtime trainee. PHP JP, who recently was the talk of the town being acknowledged by Backstreet Boys for his Tagalog Version of “Shape Of My Heart” said during the interview that during his trainee days, he has to train for 8-9 hours a day and being poor, he doesn’t have any money to buy food. If he has extra money, he would buy a chocolate powder and ask for rice (maybe from his co-trainees) as his meal.

They were also asked about their ideal types. PHP JP answered he wants someone who can also sing so they will have a duet. PHP Charles said he wants someone who doesn’t do the same thing as him, independent and can stand on her own. PHP Yuuki specifically described his ideal type who is someone short, and works in the advertising field who is his exact opposite when it comes to personality. PHP Rhadz relayed he just wanted someone who can inspire him as a person, who is passionate with her work.

Check the cut for their #itreallyhurstschallenge contest here:

Video from PHP Music Archive

During the KPOP Party live as well, the host was surprised by 4th Impact who suddenly visited as a viewer of the live stream after their own live, but then later was asked to join as well. They gave the viewers a surprise performance of BTS’ Dynamite. 4th Impact, as we remember, were finalists of TvN’s Kpop Star and Superstar K6 so it’s not a wonder why they are involved in KPOP.

On the other hand, another member of PHP was also live in another KUMU event by Thai Entertainment Portal. PHP Yukito hosted their 4th Anniversary Celebration.

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